Lakes and Ponds remediation:

Healthy lakes and ponds provide us with a number of environmental benefits, influence our quality of life and strengthen our economy. They offer multiple advantages:

Pollution affects water quality in lakes and other freshwater resources around the globe. The sources of pollution are industrial, agricultural, or municipal; a few common examples include trace metals and chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, sewage and litter. The pollution does not only come from immediate surroundings, but is also carried by rivers and streams. They drain pollutants from the landscape when they concentrate in lakes and other water bodies. Some of these sources of pollution can be clearly pin-pointed and are defined as ‘Point Source Pollution’, while many sources cannot be pin-pointed accurately as they emanate within the catchment area and are called ‘Non-Point Sources of Pollution.

"They ease the impact of floods and droughts by storing large amounts of water and releasing it during shortages"
"Both water bodies work to replenish groundwater, positively influencing the quality of water going downstream"
"They preserve the biodiversity and habitat of the area where they are located"
"Lakes and ponds act as prime sources of drinking water, provide us livelihood through aquaculture and tourism"

Biomatix Approach

Lakes and ponds are important ecosystems that need to be cared for to sustain a healthy balance of aquatic life and help support our socioeconomic needs. Therefore it becomes our responsibility to ensure that we keep our lakes and ponds healthy at all times. At Biomatix, we utilize lake and pond cleaning services in India and use multiple technologies simultaneously to clean and rejuvenate these water bodies. This method helps in the following ways:

a) Understanding and Studying the Water Body: Every lake or pond is unique. Multiple parameters need to be recorded and studied before customised strategies can be built. These strategies must focus on activities in the water body and outside. We call them ‘External and Internal Restoration Techniques’.

b) Reducing External Pollution Sources: The main focus is on external Point Sources of Pollution like drains or streams that fill the lake with pollutants or unwanted nutrients. Depending upon the situation, we either divert these sources of pollution or attempt to clean them before they enter the lake using technologies like In-situ bio-remediation. There needs to be community involvement in order to clean up both Point and Non-Point sources of Pollution. Communities need to be educated and made aware of the issues on how they can make a difference. Without the help of communities, cleaning up large water bodies is almost impossible.

c) Reducing Internal Pollution Sources: In order to treat the existing pollution in Lakes and Ponds, many different techniques are applied depending upon several factors like water quality, sludge depth, water depth etc. These include:

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