Temperature inside a termite den holds steady at a comfortable (to a termite!) 87 degrees. This process known as biomimicry was mimicked into a building in Zimbabwe, which uses 90% less energy to heat and cool than traditional buildings.

Velcro was invented from burrs once it was discovered that they have small hooks that help them to hold onto objects.

The Stenocara beetle creates water from fog through condensation. Researchers at MIT have crafted a material that collects water from air more efficiently than existing designs."

The Gecko adhesive mimics the scaly surface of a Gecko’s foot by using small nanostructures to which a thin glue is then applied, creating a biodegradable bandage for organ and tissue repair.

We mimic the self-cleaning process of rivers to treat drains. We also use bacteria and other microbes that dissolve fats and other organic matter by eating it and determine the bacterial count in the process of cleaning the drains, lakes, and water bodies.

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