ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant)


  • Reduction in commissioning time of ETP
  • Rapid growth of MLSS with high MLVSS content.
  • Acclimatized microbes- Hence higher COD/BOD removal.
  • Reduces Operational costs of ETP.

Biomatix ETP is an organic probiotic culture with billions of beneficial microbes. When added in waste-water treatment systems, they start multiplying. The microbes in Biomatix - ETP eat into the organic part of the waste and converts it into H2O and CO2.

This results in an increase in a higher DO (Dissolved Oxygen) levels and a further reduction in COD, BOD, TSS and stabilisation of pH. All parameters of CPCB are met rapidly. Since the microbes in Biomatix - ETP look at all gas producing microbes as harmful, they reduce their population through competitive exclusion. This reduces the foul smell emanating from the ETP.

Since the microbes in Biomatix - ETP go on increasing the DO levels, aeration requirement gets reduced - leading to complete cleaning of Effluent treatment plant. We have expertise in bio-augmentation of ETPs for various industries like breweries, distilleries, food processing, paper mill etc.

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